Thursday, June 28, 2012

Holiday Fun with SLO NightWriters

Each December SLO NightWriters puts on a holiday bash that generally includes a very silly skit – Susan Tuttle and yours truly, moi, are frequently co-authors of said silliness.  

Somehow we manage to coerce other NightWriter members into humiliating themselves.  And, NightWriters happens to be blessed with some actual singing talent!  (NOT MINE!!)

So far, we’ve spoofed a critique group of author greats --Dr. Seuss critiquing Charles Dickens; Rewritten Christmas carol favorites and woven them into a Dickensian-reality-show-musical So You Think You Can Write; Taken off on a West Side Story rumble; and Twisted The Sound of Music into the age of electronic publishing.  

In 2012, thanks to Susan’s commitment and diligence, we’re heading toward a My Fair Lady debacle.  Lets see what happens!  We’ll never make it to Broadway.  We’ll be lucky to make it to YouTube!  But we have fun!

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