I knit.  That's all I do and I mean that literally.  

I don't purl, I don't cable.  I'm a rudimentary one-scarf pony but I love it.  

Mesmerizing to feel the yarn slip through my fingers, so soothing.  No counting stitches, no struggling over patterns.   Perfect for movie watching in the evenings.

I make a scarf on circular needles where every row is a different yarn.  I knit a few rows, then turn the needles around and knit a few more, and so on.   

The yarns are sparkly, nubby, ribbonny, eyelashy and metalic.  

The result is a rich, fun, cozy, blingy piece of art for the body.  I think they are really pretty, but any beauty there is in the yarn, NOT in my artistry. 

Here's my wonderful friend 
Debbie Cunningham modeling.


  1. Your Scarves are wonderful. You don't need to Purl!

  2. Thank you for your kind support Judy B. !!! You, who are an AMAZING knitter and who can do ANYTHING with yarn! I wish I could knit like you!