Uncontrollable Outbursts

When you have dinner at my house
you have to share the dining area
with a whole bunch of craft projects.

I saw something like these in a store and just had to try them.  They are so sculptural and sparkly!!  VERY fun to make.  Combining a variety of new and vintage pieces.  I'm calling them 'Glass Castles.'

I collect (hoard) vintage Christmas doo-dahs.  In an attempt to do something constructive with them I make Kitchy Kristmas wreaths.   I'm pretty sure they're still going to take me away and put me on that 'Hoarders' TV show though.

My friend Susan and I have a wonderful Christmas tradition.  Almost every year, we share a pot of soup, crank the carols up and string vintage glass Christmas Garland beads.  They're getting harder to find in the antique stores now so I pounce when I see them!   They're like jewels!  It's treasure hunting - especially exciting to find beads with unusual shapes.

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