Christmas Stockings

I've been making Christmas Stockings for almost 30 years now.  It is my belief that Father Christmas has a special place in his heart for tiny surprises.

Lately I've been doing more writing than sewing, but I can’t seem to quell my passion for vintage fabrics.  

The stockpile keeps growing, you’d think I’d keep sewing!  Anything you can stick a needle through is fair game for sox -- oh yeah, and there's the glue gun too.

England is my very favorite place to shop.  Those Brits have amazing antique fabrics!   And, from India-- saris are fantastic to create with!!  Embroidered-beaded-jeweled-sequined.  YUMMY!

My Creative Process

Stage 1 - Mind Splat & Vision

Stage 2 - Select Background

Stage 3 - Select Lining

Stage 4 - Design and Construction

Stage 5 - Final Product

2 children's Sox incorporating family treasures:
Grandma's Holiday placemats, Grandma's charm bracelet, 
Great Grandpa's Medical Assoc. Pin, Great Aunt's crochet snowflakes and doilies

Materials and Work Space

My Studio
540 Sq. ft - with much table space, wonderful natural lighting, 
and supplies that are visually accessible 

These free-standing metal candelabras I found at Ross make fantastic ribbon holders for my workshop!

Vintage sari borders from India - They are exquisite!!!!

I love working with old needlepoint.

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