Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Write?

Me:          I want to write a movie.
My Mom:  What about?
Me:          I have no idea.

That’s how it started, 25+ years ago.  I had no characters conceived, no scenes fleshed out, no topic or genre.  I just knew I wanted to write.  

For years, tapping out fantasy saved me from the hell of an excessively bureaucratic job – up at 5am to write, two hours everyday before work.  I got cranky if I missed a morning.  

Now, a 32-year veteran of said bureaucracy, I find I’m grateful for some of the structure I picked up there.  Business writing is a terrific foundation for fiction -- clear communication, crisp sharp phrasing, indisputable rationale, a solid structure of argument, concise presentation, proper use of language and punctuation (still a challenge.)  

Just switch out the big-wig bureaucrats for some monsters.  Executives or vampires, it all has to be laid out with compelling logic and lead to a satisfying conclusion. 

Finding an agent and getting a screenplay produced are no small feats.  So, why not write the novel version - I asked myself.  As it turns out, that's not so easy either.    

But, there’s something about the creation of life, a whole new world where I am ruler and meter of justice.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s fulfilling, addicting!  

Years later, here I am at the keyboard.  Most every morning, up at 5am to write.  I still get cranky if I go too long without it!

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