Thursday, June 28, 2012

Central Coast Writers Conference 2011

Volunteering at the Central Coast Writers Conference

I look forward every year to the CCWC at Cuesta Junior College in San Luis Obispo!  The conference is held each Fall, on a Friday evening and all day Saturday.  I love it so much, I volunteer!  Checking writers in, I see returning grinning faces and meet writers new to the conference.  

The conference has a great teen program.  It warms my heart to watch those fresh young creative souls, starting their journeys as authors.  Every year I think, where would I be as a writer now, if I had been encouraged at a young age, if I had participated with other more experienced writers and taken concentrated classes in the craft. 

Topics are offered on every aspect of writing are presented by successful authors, publishers, and agents-- poetry, crafting character, genre specifics, dialogue, screenwriting, publishing, finding an agent, social media & electronics and much more.

Breakfast is provided for all and pre-purchased lunches are available.  The food is delish. 

So many details go into making a successful event, many of which take place before we event-volunteers even show up for the day but, once on site, we work hard to ensure that folks are checked in, comfortable, well cared for, fed, and oriented to their classes etc.  As volunteers we do get to attend the sessions and meet the faculty at a great party afterward. 

SLO Nightwriters sponsors and is heavily involved in the event.  I’ve attended CCWC’s since 1998 and I always come away educated, inspired, and optimistic.  It’s a wonderful venue to connect and network!  

Visit for conference information.

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