Paper Crafting

Oh my god... my sister, Judy, ( created a monster when she introduced me to these little pocket cards.  They are so much fun, and easy to make.   12 X 12 double sided papers from the craft store, some ribbon, and sparkly doo-dahs.   They are great for gift cards, little messages or pictures.  

Quick-drying-clear-drying white glue for the paper-to-paper surfaces and a glue gun for the other surfaces work nicely.  

Below are some cards I have made.

These pocket cards quickly morphed to paper purses.  Now I'm spending my entire income at Michaels and I'm unabashedly giddy.

You can decorate the inside of these paper purses too.

You can glue the sides of the purse shut, so you can tuck things inside of it.

Or, you can leave the side of the purse unglued and open so you can write on the inside.

And portfolio folders.

Flowers made from layers of cupcake holders, brads or buttons secure the center.

A take on 'Iris Folding' using ribbon instead of paper.

A bird house card with the fold at the top left roof slope.

A tiered tray of goodies

This wine bottle card has the fold on the left side and fits into a legal sized envelope

These flower pot cards have the fold at the bottom 

Birthday Cake Card



My younger sister, Helen makes gorgeous yummy cookies with beautiful old-world-design Springerle cookie molds.  These resin molds below from 'House on the Hill' also make fun 'paper cookies!'   

Below, Sisters Judy and Helen in paper cookie production.

Put 1/4 cup cotton linters in a blender with 3 ups of water to make a pulpy slurry.  (dryer lint works too!)

Drain the slurry in a strainer.

Spray the molds with special non-stick spray (house on the hill)

Push the pulp into the molds, pressing all the water out.

Carefully peel from the molds and Voila!

This paper cookie was made with a strong black tea instead of clear water in the blender, then colored with food-grade dusting power after drying to give it a fresco-like quality.  

You can let them air dry on the baking rack but that takes hours.  We used a simple electric dehydrator with great success, 20-40 minutes.  And my Sis says in the oven at 175 degrees works well too. 

The pink creations in the photo below were made with strong berry zinger tea instead of clear water in the blender.  The purple was achieved by adding bits of tissue paper to the blender water.

My wonderful friend Hedy Hale 
making a mandala of tea-stained-color-dusted 
bunnies and hearts for her new granddaughter.


  1. Love them all! The stocking, your trademark, is particularly enchanting!

  2. You are incredible! All of these are beautiful.