About Sharyl

Welcome!  Scooch on into my blogsite-cyberfort.  I’m here on the Central Coast of California, most likely in my studio or at my computer. Probably not at my kitchen sink.  

A retried Administrative Analyst, I've been tapping out fiction for thirty-plus years. Novels, screenplays, and short stories are in varying stages of completion along with some lyrics-disguised-as-poetry.  I play with mixed media and, more recently, painting.

I'm an unabashed movie freak, raven for sparkly objects, paper & fiber crafter, and hoarder of antique fabrics (see Christmas Stocking page.) 

I might be the last living home-ec major on the planet-- I'm pretty sure they don't make them anymore.  I've a secondary teaching credential and the coursework completed for a Masters in Public Administration.

I’m a long-standing member of SLO NightWriters in San Luis Obispo and have served on their Board of Directors as Critique Group Coordinator, providing critique guidelines and facilitating group process.   In 2013, I also served as 
Board Vice President and Co-Director of the Annual NW Short Story Contest. 

I’ve served as a judge for our local school district’s student writing competition and have won some awards of my own for prose and poetry.  One of my screenplays, Keepers of the Dream, placed fairly high in Miramax's first Project Greenlight.  

Contact me:  sharylheber(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Midlife Collage is looking for submissions in our free-entry contests. We run weekly, online writing contests for a cash prize at www.midlifecollage.com. Perhaps you would be eligible and interested in submitting a short story. Please see our Submissions page for the guidelines and contest rules. Go to our Calendar page and watch the short videos for topic ideas. Thank you.