Monday, July 2, 2012

Strategic Planning 
for SLO NightWriters

A few of our NW Board Members.  
Dennis Young and moi, Sharyl Heber in the back row, 
Judy Salamacha, Judy Guarnara, and Susan Tuttle in the front.

I thought when I retired from my job with the State of California I was done with committees and 'work' responsibilities.  Now, finally I can just spend my time writing!  But, it seems there's more business to come!  

For years, as part of the Standards Compliance office in a huge hospital, I had been heavily involved the strategic planning process for the organization.  I’m currently on the Board of Directors for SLO NightWriters and, as it turns out, non-profit organizations need strategic plans too.  So, all that business practice is coming in handy! 

NightWriters is working with a fabulous consultant, Delia Horwitz, co-author of Collaboration Soup, A Six Step Recipe For Co-Creative Meetings.  She’s worked with many boards and organizations and is helping us to perfect our new strategic plan and to facilitate effective Board meeting process.  I’m delighted to plug her services here!  She’s amazing!  Find her at  

SLo NightWriters has a Board that is passionate about writing.  We're deeply committed to growing the organization and serving the NW membership.  We’ve reaffirmed and tightened our mission, crafted a wonderful vision for the future, and proposed some exciting goals and objectives, all of which we’ll put before the NW membership-- scheduled for the September NW meeting.   

SLO NightWriters has always been a great community for writers and we’ll be even better in the future!  Visit us at  

Here’s Delia with our NW President, Dennis Young.   


  1. A pleasure to work with you, Shar. You are a natural harmonizer and facilitator.

  2. How fantastic to get some professional organization for NW as the club expands to include more and more professional writers. This is great news!

  3. I think it's great too Anne! We have some amazing talent in our community and it's exhilarating to watch it come together in a collaborative way. I'm a huge fan of SLO NightWriters and an unabashed cheerleader!